ElyXiOn in Seoul 2017


Hello guys !

I plan to share my experience joined Global Package for ElyXion in Seoul since I got lots of DM and ask abt it ^^

First of all, lets start with ticketing !

Its a WAR ! Its very difficult to get a ticket for a concert at Seoul.

a) Yes24 Website

**rules for Yes24 website :

  • Must have korean number
  • Must pay within 24 hours
  • Have power finger hahaha
  • Never give up and keep refresh it till u see a purple dot (seat available)

My friends and I used our friend’s (who study at Korea) account for the ticketing since 1 acc can buy several tickets. Honestly its very hard to enter the website… I always got the..

“Hi guest, please wait for a bit, the site crash due to high traffic” bla bla bla ~

However ! My friend always try it during super early in the morning around 5am or 6 am in the morning and my friends got abt 4 or 5 tickets ! but for the fourth floor. Its better than nothing right ? Yeayyyy ! so all of my friends got their tickets thru Yes24 website.

b) Global Package by SM

I’m the only one among my group of friends who took the Global Package sob sob sob so I asked my friend’s friend if she wanna stay together so yeayyy I got a friend !

We took the Economy Twin package ! Okay first of all..

i) Global Package website : http://global.smtowntravel.com/

  • They will open the GP for two times so if u failed to grab it during the 1st round, wait for the 2nd round !
  • You must pay it using Paypal. If u dont have paypal, u can create one and connect your paypal acc to your bank.
  • There are single package and twins package (twins more cheaper)
  • If buy twin package, only one person will handle everything. Use 1 acc only. The main acc will got email, details, file etc.. while the 2nd person receive nothing. so the main acc must share everything.
  • There are Premium, Deluxe, Superior and Economy package


ii) Advantage Global Package :

  • Guarantee get a ticket. (seating depends on your GP package)
  • Transportation from Hotel to Venue
  • Concert goods souvenir
  • Privilege buy concert goods. (no need to que)
  • They will bring you to sum coex
  • No need to que if you want to buy things at sum coex (omg the que is not a joke ! its freaking longggg!!)
  • Got discount for foods at sum cafe
  • Write a letter to EXO members


so my friend and I took twin package and we stayed at Park Habio hotel.

Its a nice Hotel ! I slept well hahahaha This was our room !


so at night we went shopping and hangout first before we collect our concert ticket at the booth around 11 pm kst. They open the booth at the hotel’s lobby ! We took our concert goods and tickets here ~ They put the ticket in an envelop so you choose your seat randomly ! Its all about luck hahaha


The goods are soooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful !!!! Totally love it T____T and we can write our love letter to exo too hehehe ~<3

elyxion goods

so on the concert day we have lots of time to relax first before the tour start. Tour start at noon. You will be divide into groups and always remember your bus number ! My bus number was no 32 ! hehehe They will bring you to sum coex first then to the venue ! vroommm vroooommmm ~

so this was the concert venue ! omg I miss my babies T___T


We got a nice seat too !! Its worth it la for economy package hahahaha In front of extended stage and guess what ? suho notice my friend’s banner ! I was super happy for her and I scream super loud too hahaha

elyxion baekkie.jpg

As expected, concert at Seoul the best. The boys can speak freely and I can laugh together with them ❤ It was amazing. Everything are worth it.

After the concert our guide give us cookies and water ! Cute ~

snack gp.jpg

Yeayyy thats all ! Did I missed anything ? Feel free to ask me !! ^^






Part 1 (160920)

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Chanyeol’s My Little EXO + Unseen Cut

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Part 2 (160926)

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ENGSUB by  TheMongs