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  • Where are you from ? Are you Korean ? How old are you ? How many language do you know ?

I’m not Korean. I’m from Malaysia and please don’t ask me which area.. I’m 94 liner~ Yeah same age as Oh Sehun and Kim Jongin. I know 4 language. English, Malay, Korean and Arabic. My mother language is Malay so I apology for any grammar mistake that I did.

  • What makes you choose ‘Double Est’ as your other identity?
I like kpop since 2009 the first group that I like is DBSK and that how I start to learn Korean. Then I move on to Super Junior and then Ukiss.. I’m just a normal fan. Then, EXO released a lot of teasers which attract me to know more about them. So I start to like them.. several days after they debut, they had interview and I watched them. Suddenly an idea pop up… “Oh ! Why don’t I sub these vids” so that night I subbed Sehun’s vid only. I create an acc under name of Double Est which stand for “Two Group from East of Asia” (EXO-K and EXO-M). I posted the vid and then I went to sleep. The next morning I got over 300+ subscribers which encourage me to sub other members’ vid too.. and thats how I become a subber for EXO ❤
  • Who is your bias ?

 Oh Sehun and Byun Baekhyun from EXO and Lee Dongmin from Astro.

  • How do learn Korean Language ? How long did it took for you to understand it 100%?

I do self-learning. I read books, watch drama, hear songs and I also learn it from online website such as TTMIK (talktomeinkorea). I’m not sure how long, I learn it when I have free time and I’m still learning.

  • When did you started subbed EXO video ?

I started subbed EXO video since EXO debut (2012) but back then I’m not really active because of my schedule… I’m hiatus about… 1 year ? Yeah.. Now, I’m active again ^^

  • In real life, Who know your identity as Double Est ? Your parents know about you ?

Both of my sisters, my cousins and some of my friends from my university. My parents do not  know about  it but they know that I’m learning Korean.

  • How do you subbed video ? How do you encode video ?

Since I start subbed EXO videos in year 2012 till middle of 2014.. I use sony vegas. I don’t know about aegisub. Then after I join SubClub ( ) and TheMongs (    ) I start to learn how to use it. I use avidemux to encode video. Here is the tutorial on how to sub a video….Click Here

  • How do you edit a pic ? How do you change it into phone wallpaper ?

I use Adobe Photoshop CS3 because I’m toooooo lazy to download the latest version ho ho ho. If you want to edit pic into phone wallpaper size.. just go to “Phone Wallpaper” Tab and save any pic (Let me label it as A). Open Adobe Photoshop and then drag your picture above the pic A. Tada !! Done !

  • Can I have Adobe Photoshop file and Sony Vegas file ?

Adobe Photoshop CS3 | Sony Vegas File 12 + Crack File

** For sony vegas file.. you have to download the crack file.. otherwise you can’t install it completely and use this tutorial on how to install it.. Here

** For Adobe Photoshop.. After extract it, right click on photoshop’s icon and select run as administrator. Done ! Next time if you want to use it.. just click the icon, You don’t have to run it again.


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