#Afi_Trip_To_Korea (Autumn)

Okay so lets start ! but before that pls take note something important :

  1. Bring an empty bottle everywhere you go (you need it when u use a toilet)
  2. Get a receipt from the taxi driver if u use T-Money to pay for it
  3. Bring Maps ! U must know how to read it ! Refer on the colour line
  4. Buy hot pack !
  5. Check you items, don’t loss it especially your passport and phone.
  6. For Muslim, eat seafood, do not eat meat or chicken, we don’t know how they slaughter them.
  7. Taxi starting price is 3,000 won. At midnight the price might reach to 20,000 Won
  8. If you want to travel for 5 days, top up your T-Money around 20,000~30,000 won

[A couple of month before]

My friends Ifa and Effa plan to go to Korea and I was like… “I want to join too!” and they was like…”Yeay ! Lets join us!” but unfortunately, I think I got another schedule during that time. I’m sad ~ however, I always survey the flight ticket and interesting place to go to in Korea HAHAHAHA. I always let them know if there is something happen during that time too (22 oct till 26 oct). Suddenly, EXO drop a bomb !!! They will perform at Lotte festival and there a SPAO fansign event hahahaha so they change their flight to 21st oct till 25th oct XD

I have my new semester on Sept last month so I check my schedule again and guess what ? I don’t have any schedule at that time ! Yeay !!!! so I join them but my flight ticket is a little bit higher than them bcus I buy the ticket last minutes (only 4 seats left at that time >.<)

Okay let continue the story ~

I saw a fansite state that she will do an exhibition on 22nd of Oct, so we took this chance and joined it. However suddenly she email me and said they want to change the date to 23rd Oct, I’m super sad bcs its clash with our schdule and I had paid for the entrance fee via paypal which is 5,000 won each person and you can get poster and wappen as a free gift so she refund my money T_T Its okay  la maybe next time.

I recommend you guys to rent a portable wifi (for malaysian) ! Its call wiyo ^^ You can pick up at KLIA or ask them to deliver it to your house. The battery last longer ! Even when you turn it on the whole day ^^ I bought it during promotion time so the price is RM 65 for 5 days yeay ! Its easier ~ you dont have to buy sim card at Korea ^^

[1st Day !!]

Our flight will depart on 8 am and arrived korea around 3.30 pm but it took us 1 hour in the immigration ! sooo many people T_T so we settle everything around 5 pm sob sob and from the arrival area u must take a train to go to the airport. Then we take KTX to go to our guesthouse and we arrive our there around 7.

Prayer time for Korea is different from Malaysia, when we arrive Korea, we havent perform zuhr yet and it was Asr already when we settle everything around 4.30 pm. We change plan and perform prayer (jamak takhir) 1st at airport. I saw a sign that state a direction to go to a prayer room but as I arrived there.. it was a prayer room for Buddhist T_T so I took my ablution and perform my prayer at the corner of a hallway. sob sob. There is no water available in the toilet at any place in korea except at mosque T_T so I took my ablution at the sink.

After drop our things, we go to Myeongdong ! Yeay ! shopping ! Hahahahahaha. Its was full with mall x____X Oh wait ~ I should change my statement, its full with EXO too !! I’m in heaven ! \^0^/ SPAO ! Nature Repulic ! OMG heaven ! Hahahhahaha. The first store that u will see is nature repulic as soon as you get out from the station. Then walk staright, you will find LINE store ! Don’t forget to take a pic like sehuniie ~ hehehehe next to it you can find SPAO outlet ! Yeay !


You guys should try this lobster at Myeondong ❤ I fall in love OMG hahahhaha but its pricey >< 15,000 won hahahahaha


Otw to go back to our guest house, we lost track and suddenly we were infront of DDP HAHAHAHAHAHA You can go to SM Town Stardium at gate D3. This place is super beautiful at night ❤  We are afraid that we will miss our train so we plan to go to sm store later ~ not tonight.


Ah ! I forgot to mention it, we stay at Kimchi guesthouse at Euljiro-3ga (^0^)/

[2nd Day!!]

We went to Gyeongbokgung Palace ! The fees is 3,000 won for each person and its open at 9 am. The palace is superrrrrrrrrrr big ! You will feel tired and feel like “I dont want to come here again” Hhahahahaha XDIMG_2831.JPG




The place is super beautiful T_T After that we went to Itaewon ! Yeay ! We found the mosque ! >< but it is super far from the station, you need to walk about 10 minutes to reach this place >< Then go straight about 3 to 4 minutes and you will find a muslim restaurant ! There are about 2 to 3 students from Malaysia work at the restaurant. Its EID – 이드 Halal Korean Food Restaurant !




Finally ! The moment we have been waiting for !!!! LOTTE FAMILY FESTIVAL !!!

We bought the ticket at twitter, someone have lots of supply from A ticket to VIP ticket. You need to be smart on how to get the tickets. You can search for the hashtag such as  and you can see lots of fans sell it at an affordable price ! yeay !!

The price that I got during that time were :

(You must try to nego the price >< I got lower price for the tickets)

Vip standing ₩100000

Vip seating ₩130000

R석 standing ₩50000

R석 seating ₩60000

S석 ₩40000

A석 ₩20000

Finally T_T I’m sooo happy ! Finally I can know how it feel when I join a concert at korea hahahaha the fanchant and scream for EXO members and Lay is not a joke ! I’m super proud of EXO-L !

You can bring along your camera ~ no need to worry hahahha even the staff just ignore us XD the staff will get angry if you stand up from your seat lmao they didnt care if you bring a gigantic camera into the stadium hahaha



After you get your ticket from supplier, you need to change the ticket first, its first come first serve, thats why they que for it. Que and when its your turn, you will receive a bracelet that state your position in the stadium ! Yeay ! now you can enjoy the show ><


The show is super great especially during EXO performance ! It was hectic HAHAHHAHA



[Day 3 !]

We went to Nami island ! yeay ! First of all take the train to Cheongnyangni Station and then take  ITX  Train and go to Gapyeong Station. Dont forget to buy the ticket to ride the ITX bcus we forgot to pay for it hahahahahaha we though we can use T-money XD The ticket price is 3,600 Won. From the station you can pay for the shuttle bus tickets but we forgot about it so we didnt paid for the suttle bus, we just ride the bus and paid it using T-money. Don’t follow us ! Go buy a ticket for shuttle bus ! Otherwise you will regret it T_T just like us sob sob sob. Btw we enjoyed it ! Nami island is super big ! sooo tired ! HAHAHAHAHA but its super beautiful ❤ You need to take a ferry to go to the island ! Once you enter the ferry go straight to the back side bcus you can see the beautiful scenery ❤







ITS BEAUTIFUL T__________T Don’t forget to try Hotteok at Nami hehehehe!! and we had a Dosirak too for our lunch at Drama Cafe >3<

Time to go home ! Its raining heavily T_T so we felt like dying ! There is no bus at all ! It took us almost 1 to 2 hours to find a bus so we give up and take a taxi but its is difficult to get a taxi too ! Uwaaaaa I’m crying ! sob sob if you take the taxi, the price is around less than 5,000 won if im not mistaken, I forgot T_T

Then we didnt know where should we go LOL its raining heavily so we didnt want to continue our plan to go to petite france so I just remembered that there an exhibition !!!! so we changed plan and went to a exhibition by  145ilsao ^^ She is such a beautiful and nice girl ❤


Then we go to DDP again to buy EXO stuffs !! but most of them sold out already T_T



That night we plan to go to Namsan tower but.. unfortunately, something bad happened. One of our friend loss her iphone in the taxi T_T We don’t know what to do, I try to call her phone, somone pick up the phone but the the call ended. I call it again and again but no one answer it T_T so we planed to go to police station and make a report. Fortunately, I used T-Money to pay the taxi so there a possibility they can track it but !!! the possibility is small bcus I didnt got the receipt from him T_T so we make police report and went back to our guesthouse by a police car hahahha. It was such an unforgettable moment. They are super kind.

[Day 4 !]

We went to SM building ! First of all take a train and go to Apgujeong station. When you exit the station you will find a K-Pop Star road. The dolls are super cute ! hahahhaa



If you find this school, go straight ! Its almost there !


Yeay ! Found it !!! \^O^/ we stay here for about 30 minutes bcus when we are about to go to the next station, there a black van appear !!! OMG OMG OMG hahahahahaha XD We wait and wait and wait but no one appear. Suddenly someone appear and it was NCT manager ! Hahahahaha we wait for a couple of minutes but still no one appear so we gave up and went to FNC building ! Yeay ! Its just about 5 minutes walk.


We stay here for a couple of minutes and suddenly FNC CEO APPEAR HAHAHAHHAHAHA

We were about to go but suddenly I saw two handsome boy enter the building ! I was like “Waaaa~ handsome guy!”

When we saw them,they saw us too then one of the blonde member look down and avoid our eyes such a shy boy XD

Me:Waa~handsome guy

Friend:Hey! Take a pic!


SF9 mmbr:*enter the building*

Friend:Thats SF9!

Me: …



They are super cute ! A rookie group hehehhe

Then we continue our walked and went to JYP ! It took about 5 minutes too ! ^^


Then we took a taxi to Coex !!! Yeay !!!! ITS HEAVEN ! YOU GUYS MUST COME HERE !!!





SUM Cafe is at the 4th floor ! This place is heaven (how many times did I mention this ? hahahha)


You can perform prayer at the building next to SM coex building. Its called coex building ^^ The prayer room is at the 3rd Floor (nearby Hall E)


Then we went to Kamong ! You can take a taxi the cost is around 3,000~4,000 only ^^



The price is affordable ~ Kai’s sister is super nice and beautiful T_T I wish Kai was here too but nope.. sob sob sob. We can’t take a pic of her so no pic ~ sorry ya hahaha u must come here to see her XD

Then we went to vivapolo. Vivapolo is super far from gangnam !!! SUPER FAR !!!! It took almost 1 hour to go there T_T but it was great !




The pic above is a place that is reserve for EXO only ! You can’t use this place >< hehehe super cute !

You can check out the price for Vivaopolo foods ~


Its super delicious ❤

That night we went to Namsan tower ! Yeay ! The price is 8,500 for one person, return trip.

The scenery is breathtaking !!! especially during night ❤ The town is alive ! Full with beautiful light ❤




[Day 5]

Time to go home T_T You must pay 50,000 won for a taxi to go ICN airport from Myeondong. sob sob we have lots of stuff so we didnt have any suggestion so we took taxi. Please make sure to come early to the airport and make sure your luggage is not more than 7kg if you want to bring it on the airplane. THEY ARE SUPER STRICT !!! WHAT THE… =_=

Despite some of rude people and and chaos at the airport, everything went well ! We are glad we arrived Malaysia safely. Ah ! yeah ~ overall, I spend around RM 3000~4000k for this holiday ^^ *cough* fangirl life is hard HAHAHHAHA

Yeay ! Hopefully I can go to Korea again soon !

*cough* Next year *cough* exo encore *cough* Hahhahahha

BYE ! if you have any question ~ just ask me ^^